Status: Infected (3)

Lauren looked around them at the people on the street. New York City was as alive as it always was, with people stopping and going, pausing and passing. No one even stopped to wonder what was going on. Those who did spare a glance continued on their way as though Jenna deserved what was coming for her. Someone even spat at Lauren, mumbling, “fucking middie,” as she passed.

“You dirty little whore,” The Shepherd was growling at Jenna as he pushed himself against her. “This is the only real education you need.”

“No, please, stop, sir!” Lauren entreated, but it was of no use. “Someone, please, help us!” She cried to the people on the streets, but no one paid her the least bit of attention.

“If you’re so much better than I am, if I’m really just a dirty ‘middie’, then why do you want to rape me?” Jenna asked him calmly. Lauren gawked at her. What was she doing?!

“It’s not rape when it’s with someone like you,” He said, undoing his pants with one hand while the other tightened its hold on her trachea.

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