Status: Infected (5)

The Shepherd grinned and used his free hand to push away the offending cotton panties in his way. Jenna swallowed the bile that rose in her throat as his fingers brushed her sex. She closed her eyes, expecting pain and further degradation.

“That guy’s being attacked!”
“Someone call the cops!”

Jenna opened her eyes to see the shocked and pained visage of the Shepherd two inches in front of her. A very furious Lauren had her teeth sunk, gums deep, in his throat. His grip on her tightened in his agony and Jenna clawed at his arm, desperately. Lauren ripped her teeth away, taking the flesh of his throat with her. Blood spurted from the wound and painted both their faces red. Lauren pushed him down, by his shoulders, to his knees before her. Jenna’s feet touched the ground and she swiped his hand away as his grip went slack with his death creeping near.

She grabbed his chin and forced him to look into her eyes. She bared her fangs for him and snarled, “This is what you deserve.”

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