Escaping Deception

The scenery changed once again. By now I was getting sick of this. Why wouldn’t they just let me fight them instead of hiding behind all these illusions!

I wasn’t in the cave anymore.

I was on a boat.

But not just any boat. It was a boat made from the bones of a large animal.

“Where are you hiding fear! You can’t scare me! Fight like a man!” I yelled annoyed

“So you think I can’t scare you huh?” A voice in the shadows said

I took a step back hands; tightening on the sword.

“Well, boy! Can I scare you or not?”

“As long as I have my wits and my sword I will never be balked by you.” I whispered through gritted teeth

The boat suddenly began to pick up speed.

As if possessed I twisted the grip of the sword and there was a click. Light began to flood everywhere.

I was not on the boat anymore. I was standing in front of the ugliest creature I had ever seen in my life.

Just like the moon. My sword had shined through the darkness. Why I hadn’t done this before? I don’t know. Time to shine.

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