It Can't be!

“It can’t be!” Jordan screamed.
“I’m telling you, it is what it is!” Pat shouted over the ruckus.
There was an explosion. A fiery escapade that lit up the night sky making the clouds glow.
“This was not how it was suppose to happen!” Jordan exclaimed.
“I know!” Pat nodded, “I know!”
“What do you mean you know?” Jordan jabbed a thumb at the growing mushroom cloud, “This is YOUR doing!”
“I know!” smiled Pat.
“You know?”
Pat only shrugged, “It’s a curse,” he said.
“What kinda frackin’ crack are you smoking? we’re talking the end of the world here?”
Pat grinned, and patronizingly shrugged, “We know what we are doing!”
“We? Who’s we?” Jordan frowned.
“Those of us who realize that humanity deserves better.”
“You’re blowing up the world, for Christ sakes!”
“No!” a fist flew, taking Jordan under the chin.. “We’re educating you, you imbecile!”
Jordan collapsed, weakened.. “what?” he moaned.
“This is just the beginning!” from Pat.
“me!” said Patrick.
“He sent me Jordan. I’m going to make it better!”

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