Destroying Fear's Paper

It was so easy but so hard to do. Sword in hand I stabbed the sword through my mother’s chest.

Fear shrieked the cry of a thousand generations. All the pain, the hurt, the worry. All the times when hesitations killed a soul manifested in his scream. Like a wounded animal it was pathetic and sad. But unlike it everyone wanted it to happen. Fear fell backwards like a falling tree and landed dissipated within himself. Leaving the paper behind with the sword jabbed in it. Fear in itself fights a long battle with it’s opponents.

But the outcome is always swift.

James pulled the sword out of the paper and watched as it burst into flame.

Fear was down. Evil was left.

The scenery changed again and James was sitting in a cage.

The worst was still to come.

James leaned back in the cave closing his eyes.

“I killed my Mother… I can’t believe I did it.”

The memories of the Fear filled his mind.

James shivered.

“That was for you Mom.” He whispered as he fell asleep.

The battle was only half-won.

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