A Prideful Pride

“Heh, so you did it kid.” Pride murmurs slyly as he walks from the lockers towards me.

“Yeah I guess I kind of did.”

Pride coughs suggestively.

I look at Pride curiously. It’s almost as if he wants-

“You to say thank-you.” He concludes

Anger slowly begins to creep in followed by Confidence.

“Why should I thank-you?! I did all the work!”

Anger stares angrily at Pride ready to hit him.

“After all of this you think out of everyone I should thank you!”

Pride stares at me evenly.

I stare at Pride.

“I set you up with this chick. I do deserve thanks.” Pride Shouts

“Give me one example of how you did anything but cause trouble!”

“I gave you pride in your emotions. Without me everyone goes down.”

Confidence stares at the ground.

Suddenly I realize that what he said was true. Pride was running the show. AND he definetly was prideful enough to tell everyone.

And as if on cue Emily walks up.

Pride leaves angrily.

And there are no emotions present to back me up.

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