It starts with a bow, a curtsy.
Raindrop, meet blade of grass:
Splash, “Hello.”

The blade shies, but soon warms
To her remembered love.
Wet embrace exchanged.

Mezzo piano, andante,
Drop caresses blade.
“I’ve missed you!”
“Where have you been?”

Crescendo, allegro,
Similar conversations all around.
“I’vebeen toEurope and backagain.”
“Acricketpassed by here theother day
Seemedina hurry.”

Forte, presto,
All words lost
In the symphony of the storm.
Neither caring.

Diminuendo, allegretto,
Parting words:
“See you next millenium.”
“Thanks for the drink.”

A last goodbye.
Raindrop pecks her cheek,
Releases her hand.
The blade waves.

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