Just when you thought ...

June 12, 2020

You thought you knew me. But you didn’t.
You didn’t know me. You didn’t even take the time to try.
I made the overtures.
I tried the one liners.
I attempted every, single, gods-damned bit of poetry to grab your attention.
Did you listen?
Did you notice?
A Flash!
A Frackin’ assault upon my mind – like a knife stabbing the very center of my consciousness.
That’s me.

I’m in a sweat.
I see you there, pinned beneath a faceless man – cloaked in shadow – my visions are unclear; vague.
My legs carry me through the streets; alley-ways i’d never thought i’d venture.
“Morgan!?” i called.
Silence. Deathly silence. Then a whimper. I whisper, “Mor?”
“Kyle,” comes a reply. My heart bleeds. My throat cries. “I don’t know what to do!”
“Help me!”
“I don’t know how?!”
“He’s a bad man,” Morgan mouthed.
“What do i do?”
A tear falls from her eye.

3 – 2 – 1.

“June 12th, 2009. Another vision. Another life.”
“Kyle?” mommy said.
I opened my eyes. “I had a bad dream, mommy!”

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