Finally More Known

Finally I’m the peanut butter. More tears fall down my face.Most of my life, I’ve been the bread. The third wheel.
There was my friend Alex and her boyfriend Matt. But finally I’m not just following, trying to get them to hear my words. They are listening, and paying attention to what I say. They finally understand that I wanted to be heard, and not just listen.
Me and Alex used to be the peanut butter and jelly, but then Matt came into the picture. Once she started to date him, I was forgotten. I was happy for her, but I’d just wish she’d listen to me once in a while. She was oblivious to anything that wasn’t about Matt.
But then I decided that I probably wasn’t wanted anymore, so I stopped hanging around them.
I found some knew friends that actually care about what I say. I wasn’t the third wheel any more. They made me feel welcomed. Something Alex didn’t make me feel anymore.
I still see Alex in the hall. I still say hi. But she doesn’t She only seems the care about Matt. Still. After 2 years. Only him…

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