Golden Globes (Eye Challenge) Pt 1

Like tiny orbs of buttercup yellow-gold light, her eyes followed my progress, down the cobblestone street, daring me to turn around and come back. I never took a challenge lightly, and I considered spinning around and charging her when her back was turned, for doing what she had done to Sam. But I knew what would happen. I had seen it myself, not five minutes ago.

It had only been Sam and me left, huddling near the brick wall, waiting for Shancy to come back and bring us our meager wage. Everyone else had left, grumbling loudly to themselves, too impatient to sit any longer in the freezing weather for a person who rarely showed anyways. Snow fell down in thick curtains, but Sam and I, we were the tough guys, and we felt that we ought to wait at least until dark.

We were freezing our arse’s off when she appeared, seemingly out of nowhere. The snow thinned, as if parting to let her through. I had no clue who she was, but she was beautiful. Captivating. Mesmerizing.

Until you caught a glimpse of her eyes.

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