The art of painlessness

‘Say what you like about serial monogamy,’ declared Annette, ‘I value the process of elimination. I’ve learned what I want and what I won’t stand for. And Chris knows the same. No need for all that codependent angst.’
Judy raised an eyebrow, which, with her bruised eye, resulted in a disturbing expression. Annette felt a little uncomfortable. talking about her glorious new relationship in the light of her friend’s inglorious old one. But what could you say? Judy wouldn’t leave Bill. And maybe hearing about her Annette’s more balanced approach… well, who knew?
‘Sounds like Russian roulette to me,’ said Judy.
‘What do you mean?’
‘You never know which one’s going to kill you.’
‘Unlike you?’ Annette said, regretting the sting as the words came out.

Annette broke up with Chris three months later. ‘We just wanted different things,’ she explained. ‘It was very amicable, very pleasant. No tears, no pain. The best break-up ever.’
Judy didn’t say a word. The best, she thought. Or – maybe – the worst.

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