Becoming Sophia (49)

I became very close and comfortable with the Dautry family. I even accompanied Jared to town a couple of times. Jordan came with us, of course, for the sake of propriety, though he always found something to do that left us alone. I wondered if this was his way of playing matchmaker. Not much of interest really happened though…that is, nothing the first time I went. The second time I tagged along, I just happened to stumble into the one and only Prince Andrien Geraud Nicodeme Charmant.

“Oh, excusez-moi, madame,” The Prince said quickly when his felt his shoulder jerk back from its contact with my face.

“Non, c’est tout droit, it’s all right," I responded, holding my pained eye. His eyes settled on me and I saw them widen in surprise. “Monsieur?”


“Oui, voltre altesse, yes your highness?" I took my hand away, blinking in the light.

“I haven’t seen you since you were this big!” He held his hand to his hip, smiling. “My, how you’ve grown.” I blushed.

“Merci altesse, thank you, highness"

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