Why am I here?

Why are you here?

I want to go back home?

Well, don’t we all, you say, so nonchalantly

But you just don’t understand

I’m a long way from home I explain

But you don’t know how far

You Don’t Get It

I farther away than you are

I’m from Mars

Now suddenly you turn away

Reaching for something at your side

I’ve found him you say

I’ve really found him!

You say that but do you mean that

I say to the man as a armored car rushes towards me

Two men come for me

One man bags me

And throws me in the car

The Armored car drove and dumped

me in a small room where a man with a

bright light shone that little bright light in my eyes

but it scared me so I ate him and then ran away

and the people outside weren’t very happy so I ran away and found the

portal we made to Mars

you know the one we made out of stacked stones

so I ‘ported back to Mars

just in time to make it to school

and that is why I don’t have my homework!

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