The Dragon's Heart

He took my hand beneath the cherry tree where first we kissed three months ago

‘Lost your ring? And here I thought you were saving yourself.’

I would not answer.

‘Not still mad over Jones, surely? Man was a thug and real mean. Beat his wife. Both his wives. Didn’t have a heart to …’

‘Shut up!’

‘Calm down and think rationally. You know what I am and what I do. I save more than I take, always.’

’That’s not enough.’

‘I saved you.’

’That’s not enough. Right and wrong are not a scales for you to balance; save a child and bleed a sinner, rescue this granny and suck that prostitute dry. Sin is not transferable. Evils monumental and incurable are unforgivable.’

‘This sulk has nothing to do with the Thirst. You miss your little ring and you will pray for its protective silver ere I am done with you. I staked you softly lovingly under the cherry tree, lace all around, and now you will try to stake me back. Every woman’s revenge fantasy.’

I killed him.

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