Vampires touch down on the Moon

Mark walked up to the Nasa astronaut Michael.

“I warned you about this mission Michael.”

Michael winced.

It’s kind of a bad idea to take a vampire to the moon.

The moon somehow feeds them. Makes them stronger. Mark wasn’t even wearing his spacesuit anymore.

“Why Mark, why are you doing this to me?” Michael sputtered

“Oh No Mike, you’re not special enough for me to do this to you. Though I do hate you.” he replied

“Why do you hate me?”

I hate ALL humans. You humans are filthy slimey weak creatures.

Mark shifted uneasily on his feet as he saw the vampires hand winding back to hit him again.

The next blow sent him right into a big moon rock.

Michael gritted his teeth as the rock threatened to puncture his suit.

“If I could just use my damn radio! Nasa would blow your ass out of the sky!” Michael said through gritted teeth thought “Project 59 could completely handle this situation.”

Michael pushed desperately off of the rock aiming for the ship.

Mark caught him and laughed.

“Nice Try.”

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