Waking up to a Nightmare

When I woke up I realized two things were wrong.

The Moon-Sword was gone.

And my Scabbard!

I frantically began searching the bare cage in hope of finding something. Though it was obvious I wouldn’t.

“Looking for these?” A Chilling Voice said

I turned to see a creature dressed in skeleton armor. Bones of all shapes and sizes were compiled together to make an illustrious chilling suit of armor.

It was the Voice of Evil. And even worse he had my scabbard. And-

My Mother’s Paper

I just stared at him.

And he stared at me.

Then he broke into a despicable laugh.

“You monster!” I yelled as I jumped up against the bars.

I began to yell every curse word I knew and more that I made up from the uncontrollable feeling of anger and despair.

Death strutted over to the cage lofting the paper pridefully.

“I could simply finish this now.” he said

“But I haven’t had this much fun in Centuries.”

I stared at him, the look in my eyes surely would have killed a lesser creature.

“Let’s have some fun.” he said

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