A Monologuing Villain! ~Cliche~

Evil waved his hand. And a torch appeared.

“I wonder how much pain your mother can take before she finally just gives out, eh James?” he sneered “Want to make a bet?”

After a lot of effort I had managed to tune-out Evil. He hasn’t killed my Mother yet and being evil he was probably going to torture her some first.

“Focus, James. When that torch appeared he dropped the sword to hold it.” I thought

Evil rambled on and I played along but slowly began diverting my concentration towards the sword.

Using my mind I began to imagine the sword coming towards me like in Star Wars.

No Cigar.

“Yeah it was stupid idea, but worth a try.” I thought

But suddenly as if by osmosis the sword dissapeared.

“What the-”

I suddenly felt something cold and metallic in my hands.

It was the moon sword.

Evil might have been coy before but he definetly was not now! He quickly began to bring the Paper towards the Torch.

I quickly used the gravity power of the sword to pull the paper out of Evil’s hands.

It’s not over.

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