Golden Globes (Eye Challenge) Pt 2

She was wearing a robe made of some kind of white fabric. It looked silky and it floated around her like miniature clouds. Her pale blond hair also floated softly around her, making a halo around her head. I thought she was an angel, until I caught a glimpse of her eyes. They were buttery in color but held an intensity that I had never seen before.

Sam, like me, was staring silently in wonder at her. She cocked her head a little to the left, as though listening to a silent order. And then, she turned, and as if a sudden, unexpected wind burst through the alley, her robe and hair spun back crazily, and something cast an unexpected eerie golden glow on her, making her sinister in appearance. She stared Sam straight in the eye. His mouth dropped open and his face lost all expression. I screamed as I saw my best friend wither up right on the spot, wrinkling and turning to ashes, as if an invisible fire had consumed him from the inside out. Like an old log in the fire. Burnt to a crisp. Dead… no.


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