Two years on

Katie’s phone played the happy little tune which meant Charlotte. She answered, laughing, “Charlie, speak after the beep.”
“Katie, it’s serious. BBC One. Now.”
She fumbled for the remote and turned on the TV. “Dave, Moni,” she called, “c’mere.”
The three of them sat on the sofa as the TV came to life.

“…expect this to get worse in the years to come.”
The cloud behind the newsreader was replaced by a familiar logo that they had all learnt to loathe. The newsreader took a breath and began.

“Professor Malcolm MacIver and his wife Wei were found dead at their home yesterday morning. Professor MacIver has recently published a number of papers criticising medical research group Cylink, suggesting that their methods are unethical. Shortly before his death, he sent a stack of evidence to the BBC, which seems to back his every claim. The revelations are so shocking that the BBC has compiled a special programme that may force Cylink out of existence. Tune in tonight at ten for ‘Cylink: men and machines’.”

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