Questions (II)

My head races with a million things all at once. I feel faint and grab on to something to keep me from falling. I’m pregnant. I can’t believe it. This is the last possible thing that can happen to me. Now I have a child to worry about. I decide that there is only one person who I can go to with this. Not Ethan, not my parents, but Mary.

I get out of the bus and run into the club, in sweatpants and a tight shirt. I know I look a hot mess, but that isn’t my concern for once.

“Mary!” I yell as I enter backstage.

“Hey, sweetie, what’s wrong?”

“I think I’m pregnant,” I blurt out. There is a surprised look on her face as she ushers me to a seat next to her.

“Are you sure?” She asks.

“Mhm. I got the test and I haven’t had my period,” I explain.

“Haven’t you been taking the pill?”

“I’ve forgotten for a while now…” I admit.


“Always,” I say. Then remember, “Except for once.”

“Oh dear, haven’t I taught you anything?”

“I know,” I start crying.

“Do you at least know the father?”


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