A Fox who fights and runs away...

Not being a fool, But not being yet strong enough to handle Evil, I cut the bars and began to flee.

As I ran I heard a swooshing sound and abruptly the room was emerged in darkness.

Once again I instinctively twisted the holt of the sword. I don’t even know why I do it anymore, it’s almost as if the sword is telling me to twist it.

A luminescent glow emanates from the sword lighting the room.

Evil growled displeased.

“You would have to chose the one holy weapon wouldn’t you!” It screeched

Shadows swirled around me like newspapers in a tornado. The air around me began to chill.

Something was wrong.

Very Wrong.

I tightened my grip on the sword and drove it into the floor sharply. There was a flash of light and-

Evil was left standing in the chamber alone.

“Where are you James Mathais Harper!” Evil yelled; which sounded like a thousand hyenas.

The truth is I don’t know where.

It’s dark and the moon sword simply is pulsing in my hand. It has changed form. It is half black now. An Even Balance.

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