Safe, For Now.

I stare at the sword.

“It seems almost exactly like a- Half Moon!” I thought urgently

Now obviously this sword was special. I knew that for sure.

“Gravity Powers, Teleportation, Aqua-kinetics. What else can this thing do?” I thought “Fly?”

I concentrated on flying just like I had with teleportation.

No Cigar.

I began to observe my surroundings. I appeared to be in a nondescript room. The walls were bland and so was the floor. The only thing that worried me about it was how bland it was. The color of the walls and floor were a blue-ish gray, which I think is a very sadistic color.

Evil’s footstep’s began to grow farther and farther away until I couldn’t hear them at all.

I was safe for now, but for how long? Evil could barge in at any moment and strip me of my Mother’s Paper. He would have destroyed it by now if he hadn’t underestimated me.

I was not ready for Evil. Fear was a walk in the park compared to evil. Fear was pshycological not physical. But Evil was both.

I have to win though. For Mom.

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