Starting To Get To Me, pt1

" The opener is always a ploy."
“Never trust the first punch, never block the opening shot and never, ever, trust a blonde. The blonde’s the opener kid.”
“Sure thing Bennet.”
“I’m serious kid, watch out for the blondes…”
I fell for a blonde. He must have warned me a hundred times to avoid that damn opener, blondes can’t be trusted, every tryst is a setup. Of course it was a set up, it had to be a damn set up, she was a blonde. Everyone knows that the blonde is the temptress. She wears a tight dress and she breathes against your neck as she whispers in your ear and suddenly the room’s running out of oxygen. I knew it was a trick, I knew it. In a con, the blonde’s always the opener. They’re the hand you’re meant to see, and one way or another, they distract you. Sometimes they lead you on with sex, other times suspicion, but they’re always just the distraction. I fell for the opener.
The eye was my last shot, only chance, Hail Mary play. I shut it tight, felt the heat against the inside of my eyelid….

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