Help (I)

“This is not good,” Mary states the obvious.

“I think I might have an idea of who it was though,” I admit. The tears don’t stop coming down my face, “I didn’t use a condom a few weeks ago, with this guy. I didn’t take the Morning After Pill, either.”

“Sweetie, the first rule of prostitution is to be careful,”

“I know, I know…”

“We’re gonna have to find that man,” Mary explains, “and get to help out with the baby. If you are going to keep it.” She looks at me for an answer. Do I want to keep the baby?

“What are my options?” I ask.

“You can get an abortion, have the baby then give it up for adoption, or just keep the baby,” Mary tells me as Karen walks up to us.

“Some kid named Ethan has been looking for you,” Karen says. Mary looks at me, asking a million questions with her eyes, but like her, she doesn’t ask anything more than she’s supposed to.

“Settle things with him first. All that stress isn’t good for the baby,” Mary advises.

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