Wolf Eyes

My hazel glare sent people scurrying every which way. But yet, people still walked. One of the boys that teased me slunk up to my side, slipping a hand over my shoulders not steathily. Bad idea. My eyes flashed gold and I spun toward him. A molten, shimmering gold haze covered my vision but I cared not. He took a step back as one of my friends grabbed my arm.

“Carly, calm down. Your eyes are gold! Calm down!”

Gold blended slowly with red until a murky brown slowly slid into the irises, and then pupils expanded, taking over the whole eye. I was trembling when I stalked into the bathroom, leaned over the sink and stared at my eyes.

A perfect half of gold, a perfect half of lime green. I blinked, about to gasp, but suddenly, the colors just… swirled away. Amy came out of one of the stalls, reached over, tapped me on the shoulder. My eyes were a mix of bright brown and green— I was happy. I was normal. For now, at least. It was never long before someone else bothered me… And then the gold came back.

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