If You Want Your Children To Live... (Murder Challenge)

“If you want your children to live, you will do exactly as I say.”

She glanced down at the knife I gave her, then at the 9mm automatic in my hand. “Try it, and your son and daughter both die, right now. I’m getting bored.” I pressed my gun to her daughter’s head. “Do it!”

She turned to her husband, unconscious, bound, and gagged. She started to cry as she brought the blade to his throat. “Please,” she sobbed. “Don’t make me…”

I pulled the girl’s head back, shoving the gun under her chin. “I… said… do it!”

His eyes snapped open at the first cut. It took about two minutes, all of them screaming almost the whole time, but she did it. She decapitated her husband in front of her children. So much blood. Exquisite!

“Please!” she cried, hysterical. “Please, god, you said you’d let them go if…”

“Oh, no,” I told her. “What I said was if you want your children to live, you would do as I say. What you want and what I’m going to do are two very different things. And they’ll go quickly, compared to you…”

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