I am missing my best most closest friend in the entire world!
i need him back.
Its not the same with out you Marky.
With you being gone i’ve learned not to care what people think, because i know you didn’t so i stopped caring and just do my own thing.
I dont like you gone at all, i’d do anything for you to come back!
I hate going through each and everyday knowing that you’re gone.
Its hard with out you here, its not the same when me and Jarett hang out without you.
We can’t stay at your house any more and do baby chicken.
Who’s gonna make fun of Vicky with us?
We can never make fun of her and her hair because your not here.
I miss you Marky you were a saint, you were always there when i needed you and you always understood me.
When people asked what O Ehp was we always knew and we just looked at each other and laughed at them like they were stupid!

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