marky III

But now i have to get over it by myself and it’s not easy all i really have to do is just pretend your right by my side then i can pretty much do anything because i know that if you were with me we just wouldn’t care!
i always remember how you would have these long discussions with yourself wondering if life is a TV show and if we are just on tv and everyone else is watching us, me and you always wondered if that was true we will never know! xD and how you would be right there and take your totally lame myspace pics. xp
I will always miss the games we played in your house when we turned off all the lights and brought out the knives I will always have that scar on my hand where you acually cut me, awh i remember you got so scared when that happend. hehe. and how we hid around corners, and how excited I got that you were just gonna pounce around the corner. i just had to freak out, you know what im talking about Marky that always made you laugh.(:

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