The soles of my shoes slap rhythmically against the asphalt. My heartbeat pounds in my ears. Sweat drips into my eyes. I struggle for breath. Somewhere not far ahead is an invisible line. I don’t know where it is or exactly how far away it might be, but it is getting closer.

When I started I had a chance to look around at the scenery but as I get closer to the end my tunnel vision grows. I see only the road, then only the thin streak of pavement directly in front of me. My legs burn, my back aches. And my feet keep on pounding.

Somewhere my brain disconnected from my body, I no longer have to think about moving each foot, I just have to supply the will to get there. Just get there.

I look forward to the moment I stop. I’ll pass that invisible line and my momentum will be so great that I can’t stop immediately. I’ll take a few extra steps as I slow down. I won’t be pushing anymore, but that automatic motion will have to finish on its own time.

It’s not about winning, it’s about finishing.

One more step.

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