Corn shell.

But that was not meant to be.

My dreams take me to a corn field, nary a baseball player in sight. As I walk through the endless green walls, I feel as though I am being watched. After a few more steps, I start noticing that the stalks are all leaning towards me as I pass near them.

A chill goes through my spine; the hostility is palpable, yet doesn’t have the familiar tang of WoW PvP or the dreaded DMV office. No, this one oozes with bitterness and a thirst for revenge, the emotions of a scorned lover. I start running, trying to flee to safety, then I hear muffled words: I will find you; I am everywhere, there is no place you can hide from me. I suddenly wake up, covered in sweat.

On the bedside table, I see the now open cornflour box, a fine ivory mist emanating from its top.

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