I silently sat up and slipped out of the back of the van where arms grabbed my arms again. The other man leant down and put his head by my neck. I squirmed, they held me tight.

“You were right Mark” he said leering at me, “She is a beaut, I can see what you meant!”

His hot breath sent shivers down my spine when it touched my neck. To my relief he returned to his original standing position as my abductor knelt in front of me.

“Now,” he said. “You and Mark are going to wait here”

I looked around where here was. A grey building towered to the left of me and rubbish skips on my right. A fence blocked ahead of me with the van behind. On the building there was a door that could only be opened from the inside.

“You and Mark are going to hide out here” he continued, “While I book a room and then come and let you in.”

He reached for me, grabbing my chin making me meet his eyes once again.

“Understood little bird?” he hissed.

I nodded, too terrified to respond in any other way.

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