The sounds of a door opening brought me back to reality. Mark jumped and pushed me down before peering through the pile of boxes. “We’re over here Eddie!” he said. My arms free I started pulling my shirt back on and doing up the buttons.

The boxes started to clear away as I started doing the buttons, and Eddie’s face appeared, it twisted into anger.

“You said he wanted them pure!” he hissed. “You said we couldn’t have our fun and here you are!”

Mark grinned. “Don’t worry, she’s still pure” he smirked. “I just couldn’t help myself”

The pair stared at me as I finshed my shirt and pulled on my coat. The two men heaved me up under my arms and pulled me over the barrier. Roughly, they escorted me inside the building and closed the door.

A set of stairs led up to the next floor to my right. It was up this that I was ‘led’. At every junction we’d stop and one of them would check to see if the coast was clear. Eventaully I was pushed into a small double bedroom in the motel.

The door locked with a click.

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