I love her. I never believed in soulmates until I met her. She’s lived such a hard life yet found a way to survive things that would have crushed me. Going through all that and coming out whole just amazes me and her inner strength fills me with awe. I know I’ve had quite a bit of luck in my life, none as great as the day I met her. Since then, things have been even better.

Lately, I can see something else in her gaze, even on days we’re celebrating. Last week, once I told her about my promotion, she did smile, but… there was pain in her eyes.

It did remind me that things haven’t been so great on her end, job-wise, ever since she quit hers last spring. She attacked the job search with her usual determination, one that outstrips mine so much, but nothing good came up. The temp job she has now is so beneath her, but she took it anyway because she felt she had to.

I need to… odd, I thought I oiled than hinge.

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