Out Of Mind

I stared out into the night the moon shown brightly on the lake, it called to me. I wished to answer it, I yearned to answer it. My heart thudded in my chest, ‘go’ it said ‘be what you are’. And what was that exactly, I still wasn’t sure though I had been this way all my life.
“Myra! What are you looking at? You spaced out again didn’t you?” Sam asked without even pausing to let me answer she continued, “you seem to be spacing out a lot lately.”
“Sorry Sam.” I said turning away from the window, for some reason as I took my eyes off the moon a heavy feeling of grief settled on my heart.
We didn’t speak for a while after that, it was getting harder for me to keep my eyes off the moon. I had stopped paying much attention to what I was doing, well that was until I heard Sam shriek. I looked down I guess I had cut myself, blood trailed down my fingers staining the pure white carpet.
“Oops.” I said watching the blood- my blood- continue to run onto the carpet.

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