My Best Dream was a Nightmare

It was an odd setting for a dream. A place where a lot of my dreams have spawned but I don’t know why. It was a parking lot behind a School. It was fenced off and in a U shape. The parking lot was inside of the U and the fence would close the open gap in the U.

I had just gone to highschool and I was crazy about this girl. I wrote down conversation topics in my phone and I successfully took her to homecoming. At homecoming I utterly failed at dancing but she was nice about it. Anyways after the big night I had noticed that I was the only one in our relationship who tried. I mean we were not in a “relationshop” but she told me she wanted to be friends and promised she’d try but she didn’t.

In the dream she came up to me in the parking lot and tried. She told me she was insecure and sorry she had hurt me and was playing hard to get. insecure

She sealed her apology and promise with a kiss.

I woke up to face reality, very frustrated indeed.

My Best Dream was a Nightmare.

I can’t be around her anymore.

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