My 100th Ficly

Thank-you for making me stick around enough to get to 100 ficlies.

Thank-you for commenting on my stuff even though I was a JERK about commenting on yours.

Your very special getting a thank-you this sincere from an action writer.

Last kid I told thank-you is holding onto a rope for dear life above a group of cannabalistic indians who worship the sea-god Shamu.

No Indians for you.

Or religous-shamu-nuts.

Just a simple thank-you.

I hope that you’ll reach 100 ficlies too.

Or for some of you BIG-SHOTS around her, that you’ll reach 1,000. XD

If you ever want to collaborate with me just ask.

You bring the Mystery, I’ll bring the Action.

You bring the Suspense, I’ll bring the Action.

You bring the Emotion, I’ll bring enough Romance into the story that you’ll bring something else. XD

I seem to be writing a lot of Romance stories lately.

Maybe my next 100 ficlies will be about romance&action.

But who knows?

If any wants to help me finish the series “Give me Five Days” your help would be appreciated. :D

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