An Introduction To The Year 3000X

Another gift from our Crazy Uncle Jim.

Uncle Jim was a explorer.

He always gave me crappy gifts like this authentic egyptian sun-dial.

People used to worry about treasure-theives coming and taking the stuff he gave to me.

But no one knew about Uncle Jim or the artifacts. Except well, Me and Uncle Jim.

We told everyone they were fakes, because they seriously looked fake.

I tossed the sun dial into the box of all the other artifacts. The box only had a few artifacts in it but that didn’t matter.

Because that was the last time I saw my Century again.

With a flash of light and a swirl of sand I dissapeared.

And reappeared in:


Yeah that’s pretty far in the future.

You know it’s far because of the X.

You wouldn’t beleive what the future looked like.

It was a mixture of High-Class Technology gone Medieval.

I’m not talking about Laser Swords and Death Star’s.

I’m talking about knights in electrified armor. Swords that could be thrown around corners.

I’m talking about the future.

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