I never really cared much about life. But I’ve also always been a bit egocentric, and couldn’t live (no pun intended) with the thought of dying unnoticed. I said it many times, I’ll die doing something heroic.
I quickly gave up on the word heroic, to replace it with noticeable.

And noticeable this is alright!

First goes that guy who’s always bothering me. bang
Then the teacher who told me I’m not as great as I think I am. As if. bang
Afterwards, the guy who rejected me. bang
And finally, all those people who were just in the wrong place at the right time.

Bitter? No. Proud would be the best word.

And the cops are here now. Two are down – how stupid of them, taking off their helmets.
But these ones don’t seem like they’re going to give up. And right behind them, that guy. The one who thought that hurting me would be fun.
“See you in hell.”
The school’s building is pretty tall, although the fall is slow. But I think I’ll die – otherwise, this will be a wasted effort and-

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