Black Out

At that point I must have blacked out. I only know this because that’s the last thing I remember before Mark is prodding me to get me up. He hands me a purple tank top and a pair of black skinny’s along witha red lacy bra and matching pants. “Put these on” he snarled. He undid my ties and stood by the door, watching me.

I started heading for the bathroom. “You don’t want to go in there” Mark smirked. “Eddie’s having a shower.” I blushed and headed for the furthest corner away from Mark. Hesitantly, I turned my back to him and started to get changed. I could feel Mark’s eyes boaring into me and I got changed as quickly as I could.

When I was finally changed I turned round and both Mark and Eddie were standing by the door, Eddie still naked from the shower. Hurriedly I averted my eyes. They both came over to me, while Mark redid my ties, Eddie’s eyes wandered to the revealing tank top that was slightly too small and my tight jeans. “You’ll fetch a pretty package” he leered

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