It is Thursday night again, time for the hunt to begin anew. The crisp December air will not deter my search, although I whisper a silent praise to the heavens, thanking them from withholding the expected deluge which would have surely ruined my quest.

The few streetlights that still shine only flicker, another proof of the city’s decay. No matter, they make my task easier, allowing me to meld in the darkness, unseen by those dwelling nearby. Prowling through the void, I scour the streets to ferret out my target.

I find myself right in front of a brownstone dressed in old but proud bricks, lovingly restored by owners wishing to breathe life into this dying neighborhood. Admiring it is but a temporary distraction, as I have located my prey, right in front of its door.

Cool, a couch! Now I’m almost done furnishing the apartment, if I can get it home.

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