Some Things Never Change

He walked into the bakery. It was just another day at work. Everyday like the same before, eternity passing him by. He would say until death took him, but that happened last week. It wasn’t a big change and his wife didn’t mind it to much anymore. She had sworn to be his for all eternity and was now happy to serve him, whatever state he was in.
He had so far found out that a lot of vampire myths weren’t true. He still loved garlic, and made garlic bread everyday. He could go out in the sun, he just couldn’t feel it’s warmth on his skin anymore. Stakes didn’t dust him, his daughter had tried that when he came home from his funeral. He did have super strength, and a hunger for blood that was sometimes too strong to ignore. The first few days this would have been a problem if he didn’t have such a loving family.
His favorite parts were the things that hadn’t changed when he died. He still liked to play with his food, even if the expression was a little more literal now, and he still loved the sound of screams.

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