Becoming Sophia (53)

My voice must have been loud enough for someone nearby to hear because when I turned away from the fire as my song ended, Jared was standing in the doorway. I jumped, startled out of my reverie at the sight of him.

“You have a beautiful voice, Marina,” he said to me softly.

“Thank you.” My reply was curt. I couldn’t believe he would dare speak to me so casually after what he’d just done.

“Are you,” he paused, seemingly hesitant, “are you all right?”

“Considering I was just ignored at the dinner table, in front of the entire family, made to feel unwelcome and a complete annoyance, no, I would venture to say I am not all right,” I spat venomously. Usually I would not have been so forward, but I was so angry!

Jared didn’t say anything for awhile. “I’m sorry. I wasn’t trying to ignore you.”

“That’s rich,” I retorted with a glare. “You barely said a word to me since we met the Prince in town.”

“Well, of course, Marina! What am I supposed to say to a gorgeous girl who has got her eye on a bloody prince?”

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