“Gaze not into my eyes, for you will see no more!” the Magician cautions.
I slowly turn around to walk away when my curiosity gets the better of me. I turn back around and stare into the Magician’s eyes, and all I see is his pupil, and the colour hazel.
" Um, nice eyes?" I say, holding back tears of laughter.
But my laughter is short-lived, for I slowly feel reality slipping away, as if I was dieing, moving toward blackness.Blindness.
“Ahhhh!” I scream as his pupil suddenly becomes the blackness, only the hazel in his eyes is the only colour other then black that I can see.
“You were warned!” he cackles as I slowly move farther into the blackness.
Then there is a light.
“Beeeeep!” the machine goes as I awake.
“Welcome back! I see you’ve come out of your coma!”

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