The Forger and the Shotgun

No one really considers the skill it takes to properly forge a piece of art you know. No all they can say is how terrible what I do is, and what a shame it is that I put my talent to waste. I think thats hardly fair after all, I am not wasting anything I’m simply putting my talent to use in a different direction, a better one as far as I’m concerned. After all do you realise how hard it is to replicate exactly what another person has done down to the slightest brush stroke? Really it is a form of supreme flattery so you really don’t need to wave that gun in my face, yes?

Oh, it was your fathers work? Well have I told you you what a great fan I am of erm, what did you say his name was? Now, now no need to be hasty and do things like cock the hammer of that rather large gun your holding. Now if you will permit me to gesture with my upturned hand the originally is right in that case there, yes the tall one.

Oh did I forget to mention the shotgun wired to the top in there? Silly me.

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