"I am an Illegal Immigrant, Wait What?!"

Suddenly I was sitting on a fence. Fortunately it was not an electric fence. It kinda was the border.

“Hey you get down from there!” a voice yelled faintly from below

I looked down to see a mountain of a man dressed in- wait a blue cloud?

The man was indeed dressed in a cloudy garb that looked to me was electrified.

Later I would find out it wasn’t but was a high-tech force field.

I didn’t get down from the fence.

Momma didn’t raise no fools, ya know? She told me when you are lost to stay put, and I had no intention of getting off this fence.

Then again It kind of was thousands of years past my life-span.

Maybe they had a different saying.

The man shouted at me again.

I hesitated.

He didn’t.

The man quickly raised a hand and the cloud-stuff covered it, he carefully pointed a finger at me.


A little beam shot out of his finger and hit me. I fell from the fence.

The man caught me.

“You’re under arrest for trying to jump the border!” he said

Looks like we’re going to be great friends.

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