City of Souls

It was a world between worlds. You really can’t call it heaven, and it definitely isn’t hell. It’s not a dream, yet it it’s not quite real either. The city of souls, Salamenca.

The city is unlike one on Earth, so let me do my best to describe it in a way in which you can understand. It consists of three stories, each connected by endless series of ladders and steps. The bottom tier is the largest, housing around 300 million souls. The average working class. The second tier holds the governing body of Salamenca, responsible for making sure that every body on Earth has a soul, like it’s supposed to. The third, smallest tier, is home to the Infinites.

The infinites are the retired souls. The souls that have completed their missions, that now advise in Salamenca and lead the Gatherings. Any problem that cannot be dealt with in government is taken to the Infinites. Of course the Infinites are also allowed to freely roam Salamenca, as well as Earth and other worlds.

Yet this story here begins at the bottom.

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