{Utopia} Young Writers Who Will Knock Your Socks Off

I first met Elisabeth L. Davis when she was 12. She is what started the whole group chat that brought so many of us together. I would never have met nor been touched by so many of the authors here if it weren’t for her. She writes poetry and prose with skill befitting someone twice her age, with maturity, clarity, and grace. Don’t let her tell you she is not beautiful, just look at how multifaceted her writing is!

I can’t BEGIN to speak about E.L.D. and not mention Mr. Fish. Now that Fish has joined our chat circle, he has singlehandedly endeared himself to us. Again, a writer that constantly says his poems are crap, but with an amazing amount of potential that we are only beginning to see. Who knew this shy boy would be the glue that holds our social circle together?

And to round out the youths, One Time One Chance’s poems get 5 pencils. She attacks the social conundrums in life with pen and verse. Always upbeat, and positive, even when she writes about sad things, OTOC rocks!

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