{Utopia} Other Young Writers Who Will Knock Your Socks Off

This next group of writers is near and dear to me, as they are at the tender age where everything in life is so dramatic. I am FicMom to them, and we have intense discussions about life. As writers, they explore every emotion they face each day in their works and they don’t hold back. Writing is coping for them.

The biggest miracle is that they even have time to write. SATs, band, clubs, drama, music, dances, games, homework, and life have these teens completely booked:

Lone Writer and OrangeOreos, our thespians with a wide range of stories, g2, our supreme poet, stovohobo, realistic fiction pro, Bartimeaus, love and angst king, and finally the girls of drama and romance, blusparrow, bandbaby, and brebelles.

As much as I would love to write a special message to each of you, this is a ficly. And I would run out of synonyms for “awesome”, “love”, and “talented”.

These writers are our future, folks. Watch out for them, for they will take over the world.

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