{Utopia} ALRO613, Kwatz, Zerrakhi

Once ALRO613 and I started talking, we never stopped. He became my career counsellor and at times, parental advisor. :) He is the king of dialogue, writes the best villains ever, (Ask me to show you our Arsonist series) and has a band. Not just a garage, an amp, and an excuse for the neighbors to call the cops, no, a real band with real gigs and a real song writer for a Dad. He also is a bonafide, Wil Wheadon and NASA following geek, with a blog that rants about the crazy people in the news, or shares great musical artists.

And while on the subject of science, let me highlight zerrakhi and kwatz. These two are extremely intelligent people whom I would send a manuscript to for peer review in a heartbeat. I trust them to give me unbiased critique and to go over my work with a fine toothed comb, testing my details and researching my facts. Not the chatty type, these two are serious writers, delving and digging deep into setting and plot and character in alternate universes.

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