Paternal: A Cautious Second Chance

“Fine. Meet us at the park at three.” I whispered

A startled look entered his face.

“Seriously?” he mumbled

But I had already pushed him out of the door and shut it.

“Mommy who was that?” Levi asked curiously

“I already told you honey, just an old friend.”

“Why were you screaming then?”

I paused.

I didn’t want to lie to Levi but I didn’t want to tell him the truth. So I compromised.

“I just wasn’t expecting him sweetie, that’s all.”

Levi’s face lighted up.

“So are we really going to the park then?”

I smiled and nodded, I guess we were.
“He better not screw this up.” I thought

I looked at the clock it was 2:30 and the park was close to the house. Levi and I had a half-hour to kill.

I reached for Levi and he leapt into my arm’s and I hugged him hard.

“If he screws this up he will never get another chance.” I thought

“After, all. He’s already had one too many.”

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